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Welcome to FCA Latin America

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Sport transcends age, race, gender, economics, and even nationality. As a result, FCA works with local sport ministry leaders and existing ministries in the Latin America Global Region. This impact is expanding throughout Latin America with 36 leaders in 9 countries.

Camp Ministry and Coaches Ministry continue to expand in countries across Latin America. We
are intentional in training sports leaders to establish ministry in their countries. Coaches Ministry is growing through our 3Dimensional Coaching program leading to the formation of Coaches Huddles.


  • The 20 countries in the Latin America Global Region has a combined population of 407 million people. 12% of the population are evangelicals.
  • Crime, violence and illegal drugs are permeating the region, especially among youth. Most evangelical churches are lacking effective models of discipleship focused on youth.
  • The Latin culture embraces sport, but most athletes do not understand how to connect faith and sport.


• We believe sports is the universal language that breaks down barriers and unifies communities in Latin America.

• We believe coaches are the primary influencers in sports. Therefore, FCA ministers to and through the coach.

• We believe sports can be redeemed by Jesus Christ through equipping local leaders.


• Align and assign the U.S. Southwest Region with the Latin America Region through praying, giving, and going.

• Train the trainers by equipping sports ministry leaders in Latin America with effective methods of ministry.

• Develop the affiliate program of local leaders by equipping them with programs, services, support and tools to grow their ministries.

• Develop and distribute ministry resources to leaders and organizations in Latin America.

• Partner with ministries, churches and leaders